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Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for your interest in National Claims and Restoration. As Company President, I want to express my personal commitment to your complete satisfaction. I also want to clarify the difference between an insurance restoration company and a roofng, siding, gutter or window company.

Being a General Contractor that specializes in exterior insurance restoration work enables us to deal with the insurance aspect of the process, which is far more time consuming and complicated than the construction process.

Most of the time, the companies and their adjusters are very fair and knowledgeable and have your best interests in mind. Occasionally, however, a particular insurance company or adjuster will either refuse to pay what you honestly feel you are entitled to receive, or will deny your claim outright. That's where we come in.
Your National Restoration Team can help you through every step of your claims process, including advising you on adjuster re-inpection, being present with the adjuster to point out items overlooked, and even being there for the adjuster when you aren't available.

The best thing about working with National is that there is absolutely no risk to you. If your home has damage and we are successful in working with your insurance company, you will receive tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs and your only cost will be your insurance deductible. If there is not sufficient damage to warrant a claim, you owe us nothing.

Finally, I'd like to make you a promise. I promise that every National Claims and Restoration employee who works on your project will care just as much about making it right as you will. After all, it's not just your house–it's your home.

Rocky Schliefer

National Claims and Restoration

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