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Funding the project is simple, and the complete process is designed for your comfort. Basically, for every action we take, we'll ask you to do something.

INSPECTION: WE do an inspection of the property, confirming a claim needs to be filed. YOU give your approval on the Subject To Agreement, call in the claim to the insurance company and receive a claim number.

SCOPE OF WORK: WE return and do a complete scope of work and get the claim number.

MEET ADJUSTER: WE contact the adjuster and meet on the property, going over the complete project, making sure you receive all you're entitled to. We'll confirm proper funding for the complete project. Upon return, your National Inspector Team will go over the complete breakdown of the scope of work and how it's funded line by line. At this time, your National Inspector Team will furnish material samples. YOU pick materials and color and write the deductible check. This should be your only out-of-pocket expense.

MATERIAL DROP: WE take all compiled information back to our office and prepare all work orders. At this time, National's production department will order the materials. Once materials have arrived on site, the Inspector will inventory and confirm that the order is correct. YOU give the Inspector the first check received from the insurance company. The amount is equal to the Actual Cash Value paid by the insurance company.

RESTORATION: WE start the restoration of the project. Upon completion, we'll do a final inspection to assure your complete satisfaction. YOU, if satisfied, approve the inspection forms.

FINAL INVOICE: WE will send the final invoice to the insurance company for the remaining funds. It generally takes two to four weeks for the final check to get back to you. All funds are sent to you, because it's your claim. Due to length of time it takes for the final check to arrive, you'll have plenty of time to make sure all is well and nothing was forgotten. YOU give us the final check from the insurance company.