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Meeting the adjusterYour National Inspector Team will meet with the adjuster and point out all the damages that were found. The adjuster will create a breakdown as well. You'll be comforted to know that both National and the adjuster work from the same guidelines. The industry standards and criteria for assessing damage are actually set by HAAG Engineering in Carlton, Texas. When the insurance adjuster and your National Inspector Team are following the same guidelines, it's easier to come to an agreement. Additionally, National has experience working with all major insurance companies. Our Inspectors are trained to understand the language of insurance policies, which allows us to communicate well with the adjuster.
On Pricing: Insurance companies do not set pricing. If they did, the settlement amount would be too low and the contractor could not do the job. Contractors don't set pricing, either. If they did, the charges would be too high and the insurance coompany would not pay. As a result, there are companies that do research and prepare software on all the different costs of construction. This type of software has become the industry standard for pricing. When an accurate scope of work is confirmed by an adjuster and a National Inspector, the scope is placed into the software program, which generates a complete line-by-line itemized pricing for the project. Set standards and confirmation from both the insurance adjuster and National Inspector give the property owner peace of mind knowing everything is accurate and everyone is in agreement.