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Scope of WorkSTEP 4: SCOPE OF WORK

One your claim is filed, your National Inspector Team will return to your property and do a complete "scope of work." By definition, scope of work means a list of broken items and the measurements of the damaged areas. We don't concern ourselves with pricing at this time. Our focus is on what is most important; making sure that you get all you are entitled to receive. This process can be very involved depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the claim. National has a large team of skilled Commercial Inspectors which help minimize the time needed. Generally speaking, the "scope of work" can be completed in two to three days. Did you know most property owners without the help of an insurance restoration company receive only 70% of the capacity of the claim?Some companies charge for this service at the average amount of 10% of the total claim. We never do. At National, it's part of earning the right to do your restoration work.